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Tom Price- Turning To Be A Nightmare To Millions?

tom-priceHas Donald Trump made the right choice in choosing his Health Secretary? Tom Price, the current Health Secretary is making reforms to the health care network in America which is not very favorable to the people. People are getting more worried as there are rumors that their medical benefits would be cut to a large extent. Mr. Price has been against the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010 and has started taking measures which are alarming the citizens. Health care measures like Medicare, Medicaid provide coverage to millions of disabled, elderly and poor citizens.

During his election campaigns, Trump had assured that he would not cut down any medical allowances or harm the health care coverage system. However Price is more than ready to cut down all the benefits. He has also supported the move to abolish the federal funding for Planned Parenthood which is going to affect many women. Lots of people are worried as they will be left without any medical care if all these reforms come into existence. Records say that 14 million people will lose cover with this new move. The bill will also affect the insurance policies as insurers will no longer be covering expenses like

· addiction treatment
· birth control
· maternity care
· prescription drugs

tom-priceMoreover the insurance would be valid only if the person has had continuous coverage for the past 18 months. This will cause problems to those who are in between jobs or do not have cover continuously for 18 months.

Price claims that the federal spending will be reduced by 34% by this move. However it is going to be a real disadvantage to the medical care available throughout the country. This will also affect the retirement plans of many American families. We will have to wait and see how it is going to turn out.

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How Industrial Farms Do Good To The Environment

environment1There are farms in and around Amercia, both large and small, which contribute to the food supply. Small farms are more in number; however the major suppliers are large farms whose contribution comes to around 80% of the food sales throughout the country. These large farms come to only 8% of the total farm population. The innovative methods of agriculture which they have adopted along with the latest technological advances have helped them to achieve this.

Most of the farms are run by families. They run and manage the farm so well that they end up being the sole suppliers in the neighboring grocery stores. From milk to Beef, they supply products in local restaurants as well.

Though they have relied on traditional methods of agriculture, most farmers are now willing to adopt modern technological knowhow so that they preserve their land from soil erosion, nitrogen run off and other natural hazards. They also use precise agricultural methods to study about moisture retention, preservation of soil nutrients, productivity calculations etc.

environmentFarmers are now using GPS facilities in tractors. They get seed varieties and sow them according to the soil content. They can use modern technology to increase the efficiency of their land. The water content of their soil can be measured and effective irrigation methods are adopted. Earlier these were things farmers dreamed about. They wished for such tools which would make their labor on farms more productive.

Today smart phones have made their lives easier as they can even check the weather conditions, price markets for crops, increase or decrease in sales rates, all from the comfort of their homes. Efficient methods of bio gas conversion, effluent treatment plants, organic disposal of vegetable waste etc are mostly adopted by all farmers which in turn is helping Mother Nature as all these methods are environment friendly.

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Man –Turning To Be Nature’s Friend Once More?

manNew hope has dawned as studies reveal that the human race is becoming more environment friendly .It looks like people have finally realized that destroying nature and natural resources for their selfish purposes will do more harm than good. Earlier human activities had brought nature on the verge of destruction. Now people are making a conscious effort to prevent man made destruction and slowly bring back what they have destroyed.

If we take into consideration the time period from 1993 to 2009, studies show that the human population rate has risen by 23 percent. The world economy has also increased by 153 percent. However this has not made any disastrous effects on nature as the rate of human footprints has risen by only 9 percent. This clearly is evidence enough that people are growing more protective of Mother Earth. Also they are making more efficient usage of natural resources.

The change is happening, however is slower in some regions. There are still areas where human misuse of natural resources is occurring at alarming rates. Destruction of natural resources is high in many parts of the world, inspite of global warnings. Steps should be taken in such areas to educate people to stop such practices which in turn will threaten their own existence.

man1Many endangered species are on the verge of extinction due to human pressure. The flora and fauna of areas enriched with biodiversity are also facing threats of destruction.

The imprint of human pressure has largely reduced in areas like
· Sahara desert
· Gobi desert
· Australian deserts,
· Tropical forests of the Congo basins.
· Regions of the Amazon

The new trend in wealthy nations shows that the human pressure has decreased greatly. However scientists argue that this may not only be due to the fact that the population is more aware of nature preservation. The reason can also be that they are simply depending on other regions for food supply and other demands.

What the end result will be is yet to be seen. So let’s wait and hope for the best.

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