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Pest Control San Antonio

Pest Control San Antonio

Where other companies fall short or don’t deliver the services you need, Texas Bug Control never considers a job complete until we know the needs of our client are met in full. Our highly trained pest control technicians will carefully inspect the inside and outside of your home for potential or existing pest problems. Using state-of-the-art technology and professional-grade applications, Texas Bug Control will treat any problem areas and make continued visits to ensure pests are no longer a problem for your family. Texas Bug Control is the premier pest control company in the area and we are ready to bring our expertise to your home today! San Antonio Pest Control

Exterminator Rodent Control

Rodents can cause serious damage to your landscape, but if they get inside your home, they pose an even bigger threat. Rodents also carry lice, ticks, and diseases that can affect the health of your family. If you have rodents in your home, it’s important to immediately call the pest control experts at Texas Bug Control. Our fool-proof system will deliver exactly what you need when it comes to quality pest management.

Bees & Wasps

Trying to eliminate bees and wasps from your property can be a dangerous endeavor, especially if you have allergies to these stinging insects. Let the experienced pest control professionals at Texas Bug Control handle this dangerous task for you. We will destroy their homes and eliminate the colonies around your property so you and your family can go outside without worrying about getting stung. Get the best pest control services with Texas Bug Control. We can eliminate these harmful pests in a truly efficient manner.

Carpenter & Fire Ant Control

Carpenter ants can have a devastating effect and can destroy even the most beautiful homes. Our Texas Bug Control technicians are armed with the best products to stop carpenter ants from damaging your home. We can eliminate your fire ant population as well. These insects are harmful to the environment and pose a threat to your family, so employing qualified pest management services is important. Call Texas Bug Control today to schedule a FREE consultation.

Scorpions & Spiders

You don’t want anyone to come upon a scorpion in your landscape, especially a child or beloved pet. Our Texas Bug Control specialists will seek out scorpions and eliminate them from your landscape. Spiders can also be a real threat, and often take refuge inside your home. Our pest control specialists have the expertise and the applications to effectively eliminate both of these pests from your property. Get the real solution to eliminating spiders and scorpions with the pest control professionals at Texas Bug Control.

Weevils & Firebrats

Once you detect weevils in your home, all grain products, decorative items, old pasta products, and bird seed need to be inspected. Our pest management professionals can detect infestation sources and employ our superior applications to eliminate them. We can also use our applications to eliminate firebrats. When the colder season sets in, firebrats will begin to infest your home and are considered extremely destructive. You need the real solutions created by Texas Bug Control. Our pest control experts have quality solutions to eliminate firebrats and weevils from your home. Get the best in real quality with Texas Bug Control.

Centralized Pest Control Protection Systems

Our Centralized Pest Protection Systems offer quality pest control to eliminate pests. Why settle for a pest management service that applies endless treatments without any results? Get the results you need and deserve with our innovative Centralized Pest Protection Systems.

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Brexit –Bane Or Boon To The Environment?

europian-unionThe European Union is well known for its contributions towards environmental issues. EU has always worked in favor of resolving environment related issues and developing harmony among all. EU has always been a prominent fighter against issues like air or water pollution, destruction of natural flora and fauna, preservation of endangered species, regulation of usage of pesticides, destroying forests and natural habitats etc.

Now as Britain prepares to exit from the European Union, questions of how this decision will affect the environment is gaining prominence. The effects of Brexit are becoming evident as already there are complaints about how 4.9 percent of the water bodies in the UK have found to be unfit for bathing. They have been judged as having poor water quality. This is totally shameful as it was the highest in the whole of the EU region. If the situation is already like this now, what the consequences will be after Brexit is certainly something to be concerned about.

In addition to the water quality issues, WHO has warned the people of UK to be careful as their air pollution rates are increasing. Many regions are failing to meet the prescribed standards.

environment-imageIEEP has recently reported that the regulation enforced in favor of preservation of wildlife and flora- CITES is gaining more popularity among EU regions. Whether Britain will be following this after Brexit is again another matter of concern.

It is being assumed that even after Brexit, UK will be following the rules and regulations adopted in favor of environmental protection. However there are possibilities that the Parliament can bring changes to these rules. The whole scenario would also depend on whether or not Britain retains its access to the existing internal market by remaining a member of EEA.

Let’s hope that the British people decide to contribute towards conservation of wild life and natural resources even when they are on their own.

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Women At Risk Of Losing Their Medical Benefits

healthThere was a time before the Obamacare when women were charged higher than men by insurers for the same services. However this came to a halt after the Affordable Care Act was introduced by President Obama in 2010. Maternity care was also included along with other additional benefits. This helped many women and eased their financial burden during the maternity period.

Now again they are in danger of losing these benefits and being charged higher than men. Tom Price, The health secretary of the Trump administration is set to abolish many medical benefits included in the 2010 reform. One of these is believed to be the maternity benefit. This has caused alarm among the women population of the country.

lossing-healthGretchen Borchelt who works as Vice president at the National Women’s Law Centre said that they were worried about returning the stage where insurance companies once more started deciding rules by themselves. Women would then have to return to those days when they had to suffer for lack of affordable medical care.
There are also chances that preventive medical health care services will be revoked also. Such moves are going to harm other benefits which women enjoy now like
· the contraception coverage,
· screening for gestational diabetes,
· screening for sexually transmitted infections,
· breast-feeding support,
· counseling for domestic violence
· breast and cervical cancer
· testing for BRCA 1 &2

The above and many more were actually very useful to women .However the Trump administration does not consider any of these facts and are determined to cut out the majority of the insurance coverage under the pretext of saving around 34% of the Federal payments.

Diana Palanker who teaches at Georgetown University stated that under normal circumstances such coverage cannot be altered without alteration to the statute. However this can happen is the law is repelled.

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