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Brexit –Bane Or Boon To The Environment?

europian-unionThe European Union is well known for its contributions towards environmental issues. EU has always worked in favor of resolving environment related issues and developing harmony among all. EU has always been a prominent fighter against issues like air or water pollution, destruction of natural flora and fauna, preservation of endangered species, regulation of usage of pesticides, destroying forests and natural habitats etc.

Now as Britain prepares to exit from the European Union, questions of how this decision will affect the environment is gaining prominence. The effects of Brexit are becoming evident as already there are complaints about how 4.9 percent of the water bodies in the UK have found to be unfit for bathing. They have been judged as having poor water quality. This is totally shameful as it was the highest in the whole of the EU region. If the situation is already like this now, what the consequences will be after Brexit is certainly something to be concerned about.

In addition to the water quality issues, WHO has warned the people of UK to be careful as their air pollution rates are increasing. Many regions are failing to meet the prescribed standards.

environment-imageIEEP has recently reported that the regulation enforced in favor of preservation of wildlife and flora- CITES is gaining more popularity among EU regions. Whether Britain will be following this after Brexit is again another matter of concern.

It is being assumed that even after Brexit, UK will be following the rules and regulations adopted in favor of environmental protection. However there are possibilities that the Parliament can bring changes to these rules. The whole scenario would also depend on whether or not Britain retains its access to the existing internal market by remaining a member of EEA.

Let’s hope that the British people decide to contribute towards conservation of wild life and natural resources even when they are on their own.

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Women At Risk Of Losing Their Medical Benefits

healthThere was a time before the Obamacare when women were charged higher than men by insurers for the same services. However this came to a halt after the Affordable Care Act was introduced by President Obama in 2010. Maternity care was also included along with other additional benefits. This helped many women and eased their financial burden during the maternity period.

Now again they are in danger of losing these benefits and being charged higher than men. Tom Price, The health secretary of the Trump administration is set to abolish many medical benefits included in the 2010 reform. One of these is believed to be the maternity benefit. This has caused alarm among the women population of the country.

lossing-healthGretchen Borchelt who works as Vice president at the National Women’s Law Centre said that they were worried about returning the stage where insurance companies once more started deciding rules by themselves. Women would then have to return to those days when they had to suffer for lack of affordable medical care.
There are also chances that preventive medical health care services will be revoked also. Such moves are going to harm other benefits which women enjoy now like
· the contraception coverage,
· screening for gestational diabetes,
· screening for sexually transmitted infections,
· breast-feeding support,
· counseling for domestic violence
· breast and cervical cancer
· testing for BRCA 1 &2

The above and many more were actually very useful to women .However the Trump administration does not consider any of these facts and are determined to cut out the majority of the insurance coverage under the pretext of saving around 34% of the Federal payments.

Diana Palanker who teaches at Georgetown University stated that under normal circumstances such coverage cannot be altered without alteration to the statute. However this can happen is the law is repelled.

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Tom Price- Turning To Be A Nightmare To Millions?

tom-priceHas Donald Trump made the right choice in choosing his Health Secretary? Tom Price, the current Health Secretary is making reforms to the health care network in America which is not very favorable to the people. People are getting more worried as there are rumors that their medical benefits would be cut to a large extent. Mr. Price has been against the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010 and has started taking measures which are alarming the citizens. Health care measures like Medicare, Medicaid provide coverage to millions of disabled, elderly and poor citizens.

During his election campaigns, Trump had assured that he would not cut down any medical allowances or harm the health care coverage system. However Price is more than ready to cut down all the benefits. He has also supported the move to abolish the federal funding for Planned Parenthood which is going to affect many women. Lots of people are worried as they will be left without any medical care if all these reforms come into existence. Records say that 14 million people will lose cover with this new move. The bill will also affect the insurance policies as insurers will no longer be covering expenses like

· addiction treatment
· birth control
· maternity care
· prescription drugs

tom-priceMoreover the insurance would be valid only if the person has had continuous coverage for the past 18 months. This will cause problems to those who are in between jobs or do not have cover continuously for 18 months.

Price claims that the federal spending will be reduced by 34% by this move. However it is going to be a real disadvantage to the medical care available throughout the country. This will also affect the retirement plans of many American families. We will have to wait and see how it is going to turn out.

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