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Is History Repeating In The Political Scenario?

american-politics1968 was a terrible year for American politics. It was a good year for American middle class citizens as gasoline prices were low, unemployment was minimal and the real estate business was thriving.
However the political front was no so calm and smooth. Gas costs were only 34 cents per gallon. There were openings for 251,000 jobs. And the unemployment rate was only 3.5 percent. The home median increase was 9 percent as compared to 1967. This was the scenarios of 1968.

politicsNow let’s compare it to 2016 and you can see how similar the two years look. History indeed seems like repeating if we look at the same factors.Gas costs are less than $2.14 per gallon. The unemployment rate is only 4.9 percent now with 287,000 jobs open for candidates. Finally the home price index has risen to 5 percent from 2015.

So if all essential things looked good, why would there be so many political upsurges?
During both periods, the voters were really dissatisfied. Racial differences arose through the country leading to many outbursts which turned violent. Brotherhood and friendship was forgotten and there were clashes which led to long term enmity. Threats were predominant form foreign counterparts during both these years.

Considering all these factors, we can conclude that 2016 is more or less similar to 1968.

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