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Is Your Work Place The Venue For Political Differences?

work-placeEver felt like escaping from a table of colleagues who keep on discussing never ending topics in politics? With the elections coming up, it seems everyone has started talking about political games. This definitely does not help any work environment as hostile feelings mount up. Colleagues supporting rival candidates forget that they work in the same place and pour in all their energy into heated discussions which often turn abusive. This year, opinion polls show that the tension regarding the election campaign is higher by 26 per cent compared to other years. The productivity of employees is often compromised amidst such time consuming or non productive verbal sessions.

politicalEmployers have to constantly supervise what is going on in the office rooms .They should be able to spot signs of anger and disturbances .These warning signs should be taken seriously and not get ignored. If you deal with them in the beginning, you can prevent outbursts among team members. Remind them that office hours and office rooms are not places for expressing political views and they should focus on getting the work done.

Every private company will have a policy which states that political differences will not be permitted to cause disruptions in work. Employees are not given the freedom of expressing and acting upon political views.

Leave the politics out and bring in more productive work!

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